Apricot lamb is a factory owned brand registered in US in 2019. Our factory mainly designs, produces and sales plush toys and the products related to plush for more than 30 years, so we have a very deep brand history and experience in designing and producing plush products. Our brand aims to create innovative, cute, unique plush toys and other plush related products that can be loved by all ages, especially children.The products make a big success when we first sells them on amazon website, So we also register our brand in China , Europe and other countries in the following years , also our product is very popular in Chinese business website. Our products are favored by people all over the world with their unique design, high-quality material selection and product quality, we have considerable sales volume and high praise. Our brand “apricot lamb “ is borned with quality proudcts for babies and children. We will launch new Apricot lamb toys every month for our customers , retailers and distributors. You will also find your “Mr right” plush toys in our Brand because we have too many new designs every years.These designs are novel, lovely and unique, and are one in a million. In addition, our plush toys are available in a variety of sizes, including mini, small, medium, large and so on. Whether as a collection, decorating the children’s room at home, or as a perfect gift, it is the best choice to send it out on the children’s birthday, Christmas and other holidays. Get apricot lamb toys to give your child an unforgettable childhood. Let the stuffed toy no longer be just a toy, but become your child’s friend or partner, provide companionship and comfort for your child in daily time, and create happy and gentle memories.